Park Min-young Undergoes Drastic Weight Loss for “Marry My Husband”

Photos: rachel_mypark and tvn_drama / Instagram

The transformative efforts of actors for their roles are not uncommon in the entertainment industry. However, Park Min-young’s commitment to her forthcoming role in Marry My Husband deserves special mention for her noticeable weight loss in order to look the part of a cancer patient.

Set to star in the adaptation of a beloved webtoon, the 37-year-old actress has taken on the challenge of embodying the character of Jiwon. Similar to the actress’ age, the heroine is a 37-year-old woman whose life takes a tragic turn upon discovering her husband’s secret affair with her best friend. The storyline takes a dramatic twist as Jiwon meets an untimely demise.

However, the narrative doesn’t conclude there. Jiwon is granted a second chance at life, reincarnated as her younger self. With this newfound opportunity, she solemnly vows to grasp happiness, albeit not without seeking retribution first. Her meticulously crafted plan revolves around orchestrating a marriage between her former best friend and her deceitful husband.

After tvN dropped the stills for the series slated to premiere on January 1st, 2024, it received admiration and concern from fans. After all, her character’s supposed to weigh only 37kg. Some fans worry that Park Min-Young may have pushed herself too hard to portray this body goal. Nonetheless, many are looking forward to seeing her in this new series. As for me, I’d need to catch up on the webtoon first before the year ends!

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