Li Qian, 39, Noticeably Different from Her Past Dramas Because of This One Change

Li Qian Unrecognisable After Removing Beauty Mark on Her Upper Lip?
Li Qian then and now
Photo: 李倩real / Weibo

Remember Chinese actress Li Qian who appeared in the TVB drama Twin of Brothers 大唐双龙传 when she was just in her teens? With her youthful looks, she usually played cute, bubbly, sometimes mischievous characters in the long list of dramas she’s appeared in. These days, Li Qian is switching things up once again with her most recent project – a web movie in the Republican horror genre called Zhuang Xie 撞邪. And it appears the 39-year-old actress unexpectedly got a bit of attention for the unlikeliest of reasons … the absence of her beauty mark!

Being “Too Recognisable” Caused Her Stagnant Career

Li Qin’s mole on her upper lip has become some sort of a trademark for the actress so colour Netizens surprised when it disappeared. Mind you she still looks as pretty as ever except Netizens said there’s “something” missing (pardon the pun). But since getting it removed in 2018, Netizens claimed she’s completely unrecognisable without her beauty mark. Some even went so far as to call it a plastic surgery failure.

But did you know that she actually had a valid reason for getting her mole removed? Li Qian said that because it became such a trademark for her, she was often rejected by many directors for various roles causing her acting career to stagnate. That’s why she said she decided to have it removed and show a new image of herself.

Li Qin has appeared in a slew of projects throughout her long career, which started when she was just 16 years old. Aside from her most recent work, some of her projects include Treasure Raiders 蕭十一郎, Longmen Extress 龙门镖局 and Death Notify 暗黑者 just to name a few.

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