Kenneth Ma Pulls Out all the Stops for His Betrothal Gift to Fiancée Roxanne Tong

Kenneth Ma Pulls Out all the Stops for His Betrothal Gift to Fiancée Roxanne Tong
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If you follow Chinese pre-wedding tradition, the groom presents the bride with betrothal gifts during their guo da li (過大禮) symbolising his sincerity and commitment. Well, check out the betrothal gift from Kenneth Ma to fiancée Roxanne Tong. All I can say is “wow” as the 49-year-old sure pulled out all the stops for his sweetheart. I mean, look at the gold jewellery shaped like a dragon, phoenix and pig front and centre in some of the photos Roxanne later shared! If that’s not enough to impress, the many baskets of betrothal fruit, delicacies and pastries is equally impressive.

Roxanne Tong Betrothal Gift

Another item ticked off! It turns out this gifting tradition is so complicated” captioned the 36-year-old actress who said she felt a little dazed that day. But thanks to Roxanne’s influencer sister Cassandre Tong and some of their friends who helped out, everything worked out in the end. Of course, she also didn’t forget to thank fiancé Kenneth – “very grateful for Mr. Ma’s love” she wrote. With their betrothal ceremony done and dusted, the couple is another step closer to getting hitched! Of course, celebrity friends like Samantha Ko, Elaine Yiu and Rebecca Zhu also sent their congratulations. Alice Chan even jokingly rooted for Roxanne to give birth to a football team.

Kenneth Ma and Roxanne Tong

Kenneth Ma and Roxanne Tong went public with their relationship in June of 2020. Then on New Year’s day this year, the couple showed they were ready to take their relationship further with an engagement announcement.

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