‘Fired Up!’: The Taiwanese Remake of “Itaewon Class” Starring Eric Chou

South Korean hit series Itaewon Class is getting a Taiwanese remake! Mandopop singer Eric Chou has been announced to star in the popular drama’s latest iteration entitled Fired Up! (來!金來號!) where he will be taking on the role portrayed by Park Seo-joon in the original. Aside from the 28-year-old singer-actor, the production also announced the rest of its cast which include Angela Yuen Lai Lam, Ivy Shao, Huang Guanzhi, Cosmos Lin, Ben Wu and Sean Lin. Filming is expected to begin in December.

Fired Up! Cast
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Fired Up! will also showcase delicious Taiwanese cuisine, which the show appears to be pretty serious about in getting right. Eric recently revealed that he’d been getting a lot of hands on training in the cooking department. Production was able to find a Michelin chef to teach him the ropes, he even learned Judo. Eric’s transformation into a restaurant owner hellbent on revenge wouldn’t be complete without the super short shaved look/ bowl cut. Park Saeroyi’s “chestnut  hairstyle” is a look he says he’s never tried before. Nonetheless he says he’s excited about showing a side of Eric Chou that no one including himself has seen before.

Meanwhile, taking on the role of a restaurant manager originally portrayed by Kim Da-mi is Hong Kong actress Angela Yuen. The actress said she’s very much looking forward to filming her first drama in Taiwan. Like Eric who had to transform into the Taiwanese version of Park Saeroyi, Angela also replicated Kim Da-mi’s with the bleached and dyed tips. The Jin Lai Hao (金來號) crew is made up of Huang Guanzhi who plays a waiter and Cosmos Lin as a transgender chef. Ben Wu plays the role of a tech nerd who’s the black sheep of the family.

Taiwanese actor Sean Lin (林敬倫) takes on the role of Eric’s rival in the drama. The actor confessed he’s a bit apprehensive as with any adaption, comparisons are inevitable. Yet he said he’s also hopeful he’ll be able to evoke different feelings from the audience and let everyone see his darker side. Ivy Shao on the other hand plays the manager of a restaurant chain. She said her role spans a a bit wide since she goes from a high school student to someone in their 30s. The 34-year-old actress said she’s looking forward to go back to high school.

Fired Up is an HBO Asia Original production adapted from a popular South Korean Kakao webtoon. This is the third HBO Asia original work co-produced by DaMou Entertainment (大慕影藝) who’s behind hits like Wave Makers and The World Between Us and Warner Bros. Discovery Group.

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