Dilraba Dilmurat’s Red Carpet Look Has Fans Demanding a New Stylist

Dilraba Dilmurat's Red Carpet Look Draws Criticism and Has Fans Demanding a New Stylist

Dilraba Dilmurat made waves at the recent Elle Style Awards 2023, but not all the ripples were smooth. The 31-year-old actress’s outfit for the evening was a striking canary gown adorned with intricate floral patterns. However, it’s received a barrage of criticisms, leaving fans divided.

With the color and design inspired by royal robes, Dilraba’s dress gave off a “queen” vibe that aligns with her roles in period pieces while maintaining a contemporary edge, which I actually liked. She went with a high ponytail to top off her look. However, many voiced their disapproval saying the dress wasn’t even made to fit Dilraba well and that the dress itself did not look good. Some feel it’s an imitation of Fan Bingbing‘s Dragon Robe for the Cannes Film Festival years ago.

The dress got the actress trending for the wrong reasons, which garnered a response from her stylist, Lucia Liu. To those who were leaving Lucia comments about it, she wrote, “Everyone can leave comments for me here to let it out.” She said that normally, she does not comment on such things as the more she says, the more it leaves room for mistakes. Lucia Liu wrote: “Objectively speaking, everyone forms their own aesthetic through an accumulation of knowledge and experience, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” She also said she personally liked Dilraba’s outfit very much.

While there are fans who praise Dilraba’s look and how her beauty shines no matter what she wears, many fans also demand a new styling team as some even accuse her wardrobe team of sabotage. After all, they’ve already worked together several times. It’s also not the first time fans weren’t happy with the stylist. The criticisms were even directed at the actress’s studio to do better.

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