Netizens Roast the “Manly Hand” Photobombing Zhao Jinmai’s Fashion Week Photos

Zhao JInmai
Zhao JInmai
‘Sup with the Hand?
Photo: Zhao Jinmai Studio/ Weibo

You really can’t predict what new thing Netizens take exception to next. Would you believe hands appearing on a female celeb’s photos have become the next “it” thing for people to roast? There’s even a hashtag about it called “female celebrity studio ugly hand composition” that’s making the rounds online. If you follow celebs, you might have noticed behind-the-scenes photos of celebs getting ready with their glam teams have been gaining in popularity. Well, it seems Netizens have taken to roasting the “mysterious” hands that’ve made its way into the shot. Take Zhao Jinmai’s recent fashion week photos for example. Although the actress looked glowing in her white satin beaded dress, it’s the photo of her hairstylist’s hand that really “stole” the show.

Chen Duling

It’s not aesthetically pleasing, I want to call the police (on it)” complained some Netizens. Another questioned “who wants to see an ugly man hand???” Whatever the case, others rolled with the theme and dug up some more photos of “cut-off hands” appearing on various female celeb’s photos. Here’s actress Chen Duling this time with two hands photobombing her shot and another of Liu Shishi and her hairstylist’s hand making a cameo. Honestly, it’s really not so bad. As a fan of GRWM vids, it’s very interesting to see how things are put together before the big glow up. In any case, it’s their hard work that ensures the stars look their very best so if they’re only comfortable showing a hand, I’m totally down with it.

Zhao JInmai
Angel Zhao Jinmai

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