Trouble Parking? Qiao Xin Comment to Stop and Wait for Help Gets Taken Out of Context

Qiao Xin
Qiao Xin

Bridgette Qiao Xin may have unwittingly gotten herself into a spot of trouble after a comment she made about parking sparked criticism online. Whilst sitting down for a meal with other variety show participants, Zhao Xiaotang mentioned having a hard time parking by the side of the road. For anyone who struggles with parallel parking especially in the city where everyone’s impatiently honking their horn at you, I’m sure her problem is pretty relatable.

Qiao Xin on the other hand gave her a tip and said if she can’t park her car properly, and she’s blocked the road, stop and get out. Chances are male drivers behind her will come help her park she said. The ladies agreed that the method works with An Qi adding, “Girls are all like this..” Whereas Qiao Xin’s “creative” solution to the problem might probably work, some Netizens took offence especially after the hashtag “Qiao Xin says block the road if you’re parking’s not good” started going around online.

Qiao Xin

Don’t Make Something Out of Nothing

Responding to the comments and to the hashtag, the 29-year-old took to social media and demanded “when did I say this? This is totally made up out of nothing. With so many cars travelling during the (National) holidays, this line of thinking is not ideal…” Her post left some Netizens a wee bit confused about what she’s protesting against since they said they totally got what she meant about asking for help the first time around. However, some say it’s the yingxiaohao twisting her words to make it seem like she said to purposely block the road until someone helps, when that’s simply not what she meant. Others who also commented about it were more annoyed at what singer An Qi said about “all girls being like this”.

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