Song Joong Ki Opens Up About Failing Auditions Overseas But Says He Won’t Stop Until He Succeeds

Song Joongki
Song Joong Ki
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Despite his phenomenal success in Korea, South Korean star Song Joong Ki confessed in a recent interview that his attempts to audition for a role overseas has always led to failure. However, he doesn’t plan to let it stop him from trying again until he succeeds.

Appearing on the October 15th broadcast of JTBC’s Newsroom, the Vincenzo actor spoke about what he plans to do next now that his movie Hopeless is out in theatres. After completing the promotional activities for the flick, Song Joong Ki shares his plans will bring him overseas where he intends to take part in several auditions. “I hope I succeed this time. So far, I’ve always failed. My desire to act in different cultural contexts and stories continues to grow day by day”, he said.

Song Joong Ki
“I don’t want to be a boring actor”
Screenshot from JBTC Newsroom

According to the 38-year-old, he likes to try new things and to push his boundaries each time which he calls his “strange obsession”. This is what ultimately led him to audition for various other roles outside of Korea and to explore new avenues to further his career. After reaching the pinnacle of the mountain that he aimed to climb, he shares “I want to broaden my horizons”. He’s hoping to become an “even bigger mountain”. That’s the reason why he has been taking on different challenges:  to become the sort of actor who gets his fans all fired up and excited to see his work.

Here’s hoping all his efforts and hard work will finally pay off soon! Song Joong Ki plays a mid-level crime boss in Hopeless where a young boy wanting to escape the violence of his hometown ends up falling into the dangerous world of organised crime after meeting him.

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