Moses Chan, Aimee Chan and Family Tune in for Their Reunion in “Romeo and His Butterfly Lover”

Moses Chan and Aimee Chan Reunite for Romeo and His Butterfly Lover

How adorable is movie night when mum and dad decide to turn the TV premiere of their drama into a family affair. It’s a Chan tandem when real life married couple Moses Chan and Aimee Chan play star-crossed lovers from opposing families in TVB’s Romeo and His Butterfly Lover 羅密歐與祝英台. Not only did they get to work with each other once again after 11 years, but this also being Aimee’s first drama since returning to TVB must have made the show doubly memorable for her.

To celebrate its premiere this week, the couple held a simple viewing party with just them and their three kids. Despite it being a school night, mum and dad made an exception and let the kids watch TV. Taking to social media to remember the evening, Aimee wrote “watching the very first episode of our new drama with the fam! Got a bit emotional too” whilst also sharing a selfie of her family. And how cute was it to see the kids super excited  and asking tons of questions like “why did you shoot daddy?” when they saw their parents on screen.

Later, Aimee shared another post revealing her daughter was unused to seeing mummy in acting mode and that her boys asked her not to take her scary tone at home.

A Big Transformation for Her Comeback Drama

Aimee last starred in the 2014 drama Ruse of Engagement with a few supporting movie roles in the years after. She last appeared in 2018’s When Sun Meets Moon. After years away from the cameras, it’s great to see Aimee back with a kick-ar*e character for her comeback.

Since playing twins required a flexible hairstyle she can easily switch between, Aimee ending up getting an undercut for when she plays the brother Yingqiao whilst also allowing her to look feminine with it let down when she plays Yingtai. To prepare for her role, the actress also hit the gym pretty regularly and also took taekwondo lessons to improve her flexibility and kicks since many of her scenes involved a lot of action.

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