“Mask Girl” Star Nana’s Inks Are Fading, She Previously Revealed Her Plans to Undergo Tattoo Removal

Photos: jin_a_nana / Instagram

Korean singer-actress Im Jin-ah, better known as Nana, sent fans buzzing with her recent social media post, which revealed a subtle transformation in her appearance: her once prominent tattoos are now barely visible.

Nana recently graced the screens with her role in the web series Mask Girl. She portrayed a character struggling with her self-esteem, ultimately becoming a masked camgirl. But it seems like the 32-year-old former After School member is removing a different kind of mask in real life. Back in September 2022, Nana gave the public their first peek into her world of ink, revealing a striking array of tattoos, including leaves and branches adorning her chest, a spider web, a snake winding around her arm, 1968 etched onto her foot, among many others. But as her recent social post showed, these tattoos seem to be fading.

Nana in her recent photoshoot

This comes after the actress revealed 2 months ago that she was planning on removing her inks. Nana previously shared that she decided to get tattoos because it served as a coping mechanism during a difficult period in her life. She asked her mother for permission beforehand. However, as Nana emerged from her struggles and began to heal, her mother expressed her desire to see her daughter’s body without tattoos. And so, Nana willingly went to have tattoo removal laser surgery, and it looks like the process has been going well.

Whether inked or not, fans are still very supportive of the actress and can’t wait to see her in her upcoming drama My Man Is Cupid alongside Jang Dong-Yoon.

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