Jam Hsiao and Long-Time Manager Summer Lin Are Now Married

Jam Hsiao
In an Instagram post last August, Summer Lin shares she and Jam Hsiao met 16 years ago during his debut

They finally did it! Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao Ching-Teng marries his long time love, Summer Lin on Thursday.  “I popped the question to my fiancée Summer Lin back in June and have been waiting for this day to arrive. Today is October 19, 2023. The day we have designated as our wedding day. It’s a beautiful day” he ecstatically announced. “I will share my joy with you all. Thank you everyone for your blessings.”

The 36-year-old clearly couldn’t wait to share his good fortune to all and even threw in a cheeky wedding photo of him puckering up for good measure. Summer meanwhile shared a more staid wedding photo of them smiling happily at the camera. Recounting the moment when both their dads signed their marriage certificates as witnesses, she says their parents were all smiles and their mums even urged their husbands to sign it neatly. “What we gain is not just each other, but each other’s everything.”  What made the moment even sweeter was when her dad was able to sign the certificate using the hand that was previously affected by a stroke.

Jam and Summer are no strangers to speculation that they were in a relationship. However, the singer has always made sure that part of his life is kept private. His engagement announcement back in June finally put an end to that. Between them, the couple have a 14 year age difference since Summer already hit 50. But that doesn’t seem to be a problem judging from the way they’re so sweet on each other.

Jam Hsiao and Summer Lin
(Left): Jam Hsiao puckering up to his new wife Summer (Right) : The couple’s engagement announcement last June

Congratulations again to the newlyweds!

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