Carlos Chan Endures 50 Slaps to the Face … All for a Role

Carlos Chan
Carlos Chan
Carlos Chan is all smiles at the premiere of the film “The Brotherhood of Revel 2

Would you be willing to take around 50 slaps to the face all in the name of making a great film? Hong Kong actor Carlos Chan didn’t have any qualms about taking a “beating” just to make sure his scenes are believable.  The 36-year-old is the star of the just released gangster-themed The Brotherhood of Revel 2 (紮職2) with Bosco Wong and Louis Cheung so getting into a fight really is inevitable.

Nonetheless, Carlos says it’s all just part of the job as an actor so he wasn’t too bothered when he read about the scene. After being in the industry for so many years, he’s used to it so he knows how to deal. However, he said he started to get a tad nervous when he learned he was going up against German Cheung Man Kit who also doubles as the movie’s martial arts instructor in the scene! “He’s so big, his arms are thicker than my thighs!” he said.

Carlos Chan

Carlos recounted when they first began filming the scene, all his opponents were trying their best not to hurt him. However, when they watched the playback together, everyone felt the scene was not good nor powerful nor shocking enough. That’s when they all agreed on having a real fight.  Once everyone committed though, the director also suggested getting in more hits against him. Hence the reason why Carlos ended up with around 50 hits since the gangster he’s fighting with managed to get in ten slaps in a row each take… which they shot five times.

Whilst that’s the scene that ultimately ended up in the film, Carlos’ cheeks on the other hand bore the brunt of almost fifty slaps to the face. “It was swollen and red because German gave it a good go!” Thank goodness for the staff though who gave him ice and frozen food (peas maybe?) to apply on the swollen portion. “The swelling went down quickly so I’m good. What’s more important is that the entire scene looks realistic to everyone.” Talk about dedication to his craft! 50 hits on the face is no small thing so I’m glad everything turned out a-OK.

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