Sheren Tang on Why She Didn’t Sign On for ‘Rosy Business 4’: “It’s Not About the Money”

Sheren Tang

Contrary to expectations, Sheren Tang won’t be returning to star in the 4th installment of the TVB series Rosy Business 4: No Return 巾幗梟雄之懸崖. The move to cast Hong Kong actress Nancy Wu as the heroine opposite Wayne Lai certainly raised a few eyebrows as Sheren previously starred in the first two installments. Rumour was that Sheren and TVB failed to reach an agreement regarding her salary especially given her rising popularity in the mainland. However, it looks like that probably wasn’t the case at all as the actress recently explained in a lengthy post on social media which she opened with “I’ve been contemplating about things lately”.

In a nutshell, the actress said that learning to trust her intuition implicitly was a lesson that had done her well through the years. Whether it’s bad signs at the beginning or you feel uncomfortable with something, listen because your gut is telling you it’s probably best not to continue down that path. People have bad intentions, she said, so it’s really necessary to be on guard against them.

For her, the most important thing now is living her best life and  taking care of her physical, mental and  spiritual well-being instead of putting her career above everything. “I’ve devoted myself to living and loving life.” She added that compromising on unfair treatment, unreasonable working conditions and working with people who don’t respect being professional no longer interests her.

The Hashtags Say It All

Intriguingly, the hashtags Sheren used in her caption appear to also be quite telling – particularly these three:

  • I’ve been waiting for four years and only given three timeslots. I’m much more disappointed than the audience.
  • If I took jobs based only on the money, I should be rich enough to retire
  • Entertainment news only aim to get clicks. Smart viewers, don’t fall for it.

That seemingly puts to bed the rumours that she didn’t take on the role because of her salary. Reading between the lines, it looks like Sheren might have had more reasons to turn down the role than just compensation.

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