Hu Ge’s “The Disguiser” Co-Star Wang Lejun Clarifies How She Injured Her Collarbone Whilst Filming, Some Question Her Motives

Wang Lejun previously starred as Hu Ge’s romantic partner Cheng Jinyun in the 2015 Chinese spy drama The Disguiser 伪装者. Whereas the show has catapulted the careers of her co-stars like Hu Ge, Jin Dong, Liu Mintao, Wang Kai, Song Yi and Wang Ou, the actress unfortunately received criticism for both her role and her performance in the show.

Recently, Wang Lejun took to social media to say that Netizens have kept sending her private messages to ask about the injury she sustained while filming The Disguiser and she’s decided to talk about it. However, some took issue with her recent move and how she even said “the actor who played Ming Tai smashed it (her collarbone) with his own body.” Fans of the actor immediately took exception as they felt she was using Hu Ge for buzz. With the subsequent uproar, the actress later had to release another short clip to clarify.

Wang Lejun reuploads clip to clarify about Hu Ge

She Recounts What Happened Again

Responding to fans questioning her motives for bringing this up again after so many years, the 38-year-old actress said her intent was to use her experience as an example on how to care for scars and to advise everyone with the same predicament on how to get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Remember the scene where Ming Tai (Hu Ge’s character) was holding Cheng Jinyun’s hand as they were trying to escape? Wang Lejun said they were shooting this scene when she fell. Unfortunately, because she was still holding Hu Ge’s hand and didn’t let go on time, she also pulled him down. Hu Ge landed on top of her, hence inadvertently causing her injury.

Screencap from Wang Lejun’s video / Weibo

He Didn’t Help Her Find a Hospital

There have been fans saying that Hu Ge was the one who helped Wang Lejun find a hospital where she can do the surgery. But this time around, the actress claims otherwise, saying it was through a friend’s help that she managed to get treated at a private hospital. 

According to her, because no hospital beds were available at the nearby hospital, she said she wasn’t able to receive the necessary care and treatment. It was her friend who helped her find a hospital to get treatment. And then, because she quickly returned to work when her wound hasn’t fully healed, the steel plate inserted during the surgery went askew. It was only when she returned to Beijing that she was able to get it realigned.

Meanwhile, some fans have also dug up her past interviews about Hu Ge bring kind-hearted and helping her find a doctor in Shanghai, which is why some feel her statements are contradictory. Unfortunately for the actress, whether she had any ill intentions or not, her latest move probably didn’t earn her any new fans nor did it get her a lot of sympathy.

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