Fish Leong Admits She “Messed Up” After Her Voice Kept Breaking During a Concert in Harbin

Fish Leong
Photo: fishleongmusic / Facebook

We all have those days when things don’t exactly go to plan. Except you know, it doesn’t quite happen as publicly as Fish Leong’s did whilst singing in the middle of a concert! A couple of days ago, the 45-year-old Malaysian singer was in Harbin for a concert. Things appeared to be going well for Fish, that is … until she started belting out her hit song Swallowtail Butterfly. Unfortunately, the singer’s voice broke frequently and in certain parts of the song, sounded pretty off key and out of breath. This led to Netizens questioning whether the Queen of Love Songs, has finally lost her touch.

Netizens didn’t mince words when they called her out for daring to sing onstage when her singing is “so bad” and that her “voice sucked”. Some even questioned why no one asked for a refund yet. Nonetheless, many fans came to her defence saying she’s just human and perhaps she’s just exhausted. Fish meanwhile didn’t shy away from admitting she messed up.

“It’s a Fail”

Popping over to post an update on her Instagram Stories, Fish Leong frankly said “it’s a fail”. Responding to fans concern about her well being, she said she’s currently in good health. “I really want to jump into the river.. I’ll do better next time .. I’ll recharge my body… recharge and replenish it well”. Aside from thanking everyone for their concern, Fish also promised to redouble her efforts practising.

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