Angelababy Channels Her Inner Goddess for Her Apsara Look

Angelababy in her Dunhuang Apsara inspired look

It’s easy to see why Angelababy has become one of the most recognisable faces in the Chinese entertainment industry. Even if public opinion continues to be divided when it comes to her acting, the style icon’s stunning features has her gracing various magazine covers (Hello, Vogue!) and nabbing brand partnerships with luxury brands such as Dior. Now a familiar face on the variety show set, the model turned actress recently turned up for the show It Sounds Incredible 聽說很好吃3.

Like a goddess descending to earth!” praised one Netizen. Indeed, Baby totally channeled her inner goddess, posing gracefully in her blue embroidered top and flowy skirt. The 34-year-old completed her celestial look with gauzy scarves and pretty jewelry whilst holding various musical instruments – just like the flying apsaras on the famed Dunhuang murals.


Not long ago, fans of the actress were slamming her studio over some of her looks and fashion choices. Her team is said to have already addressed their concerns by changing stylists. And they’ve certainly knocked it out of the park. Her ethereal goddess look for the show sure is a welcome change from all the dark tones and moody blacks she’s been photographed in for the past few months.


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