“All Ears” Stars Hu Ge and Leo Wu Looking Good in a New Photoshoot That’s Ought to Stir Up Nostalgia

Hu Ge, 40, and young star Wu Lei, 23, have reunited for a photoshoot while promoting their new movie All Ears 不虚此行, and it’s so nostalgic to see them together again.

The two captured hearts as Mei Changsu and his little bodyguard Fei Liu in the 2015 hit drama Nirvana in Fire, which was practically a decade ago. It’s beautiful to see the actors’ friendship blossom over the years and child actor Wu Lei has basically grown up in the public eye. To think that Hu Ge has known Wu Lei even earlier when the latter who was just around 6 years old played the younger version of Hu Ge’s character in the 2006 TV series The Young Warriors.

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Hu Ge and Wu Lei’s recent photoshoot was met with a wave of positive reactions from fans who love their easygoing and playful rapport with each other. They were the latest subjects of 9-year-old Shengsheng who started out as a street photographer before becoming a celebrity photographer. She’s known for her relaxed style which captured the two in candid poses like brushing their teeth.

All Ears is a movie that follows Hu Ge as a former screenwriter who becomes a eulogist and makes a living composing heartfelt tributes for the departed. Wu Lei plays his young companion who is a source of comfort and hope for the protagonist. All Ears is set to premiere on September 9, 2023.

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