Miss Hong Kong Contestant Zora Chan Continues to Drum Up Drama After Hilary Chong’s Win

Zora Chan and HIlary Chong
Zora Chan and Hilary CHong
Zora Chan shares her frustrations after Miss Hong Kong 2023 crowns Hilary Chong
Photos: Miss HK Pageant / Facebook

Miss Hong Kong 2023 may have already crowned a winner in Hilary Chong last weekend, but the pageant continues to see its fair share of drama. Whilst others congratulated the newly crowned 21-year-old, Zora Chan who’s otherwise known as “Miss HK No. 14” has taken to social media to share her frustrations now that the months long competition is over. First, she expressed her relief that the pageant is “finally over” and that she can “be herself”. Then she moved on to make cryptic statements about feeling hopeless and bleak (hence the gloomy expression). Now, she’s taken to complaining that the photographer did a poor job of photographing and filming her for the competition. “Thanks for the ugly filming” she said in a comment left directly on the video uploaded on social media. Netizens meanwhile who couldn’t take her negativity scolded her for having a low EQ and for continuously being a bad sport.

Bold Claims

Screenshots: CHEN Yiming Zora mm.uz__v / Instagram Stories

As soon as the competition was through, Zora shared on her personal Instagram account “my bleak expression is not because I didn’t make it to the top ten. I knew I wouldn’t make it. Give me another chance and my expression will be even grimmer”. Her post undoubtedly captured attention coz barely an hour later, she made another post aimed at her bashers. “This is already my own IG account and no longer as Miss Hong Kong’s contestant number 14. Don’t mess with me. In front of the cameras, judge for yourself what’s real and what’s fake. Don’t come here to insult me” she admonished.

Meanwhile, Hilary’s big win wasn’t without controversy itself. The 21-year-old touted by media to look like South Korean star IU, was reportedly accused by some of being “two-faced” despite the sweet persona she projects in the competition. Later, it was alleged that fellow competitor Cindy Chan was behind the nasty rumours about her.

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