Hu Ge Posts an Emotional Selfie That Worries Fans… Then Replaces It with a Sunnier One

Hu Ge Posting an Emotional Selfie … and then Deleting It Leaves Fans Worried

Late nights and social media posts don’t always bode well together. On August 29, actor Hu Ge left many of his fans feeling a wee bit worried and confused after sharing a selfie with a rather emo message. In the now-deleted post, Hu Ge looked a little bit worse for wear in the photo with some of the scars from his previous car accident very much visible.

The actor, who sometimes makes melancholy posts on social media, wrote “I’m trying my best, I’m trying my best, I’m trying my best to keep calm. I’ve let down many people. I hope to be worthy of this short life”. It can be remembered that today marks the 17th year since the tragic car accident that took the life of his assistant. The accident also left him severely injured, particularly on the right side of his face and neck which even required him to undergo extensive reconstructive plastic surgery. The incident has no doubt, left him with a lot of psychological scars.

Hu Ge has since deleted the post. On the same morning around 11am, he replaced it with a different selfie of himself with a painting of a dog, panda and a puffer fish balloon and simply captioned it with a sun emoji. Nonetheless, his late night post caused many of his fans to be worried. Many are also concerned his mood swings might be a sign that his emotional mindset is not okay.

A PR Stunt?

Hu Ge at promotions for his movie All Ears

However, there are also some who think this is just a PR ploy intended to capture people’s attention. Some even questioned the selfie being old since the actor who appears clean-shaven lately has been busy with promotions for his new movie. Over a week ago, the actor also shocked Netizens when he suddenly took to social media to say, “If I stop filming projects in the next five years to do more meaningful things, you’d support me right” When asked about it, he said he wasn’t drunk when he wrote that. He explained that he’s actually very different from what people see that he often feels conflicted and struggles internally. Most of the time, he says he restrains himself or just makes a compromise.

To some, Hu Ge’s recent displays of emotion are too coincidental that he’s being accused of trying to stay relevant especially with his movie All Ears 不虚此行 that reunites him with his Nirvana in Fire sidekick Wu Lei gearing up for release on September 9,. Nonetheless, there are also many who empathise and express support for the 40-year-old actor.

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