Hong Kong Stars Transform Into Barbie and Ken Dolls Using Popular Filter

Hong Kong Stars Transform into Barbies with AI Filter

The success of the live-action Barbie movie has reignited public interest in the iconic doll. It has sparked a new trend on social media where a click of a button can turn photos into Barbie and Ken dolls. A content creator (yuenwrong) recently used the popular filter on some of Hong Kong’s beloved personalities giving them the signature doll-like appearance with large eyes, plump lips, and flawless skin perfect for the Barbie world. Some of the results are quite uncanny, while others are surprisingly flattering and it’s gotten celebrities themselves leaving comments on their new looks.

While she looked absolutely terrific in her photo, Charlene Choi left a comment saying she wished to be Ken instead, and the actress got her wish in the next IG post. Meanwhile, Carlos Chan, who recently finished watching Born Rich said he can’t help but notice that he looks like Marcus Cheuk, the character played by Ray Liu in the series.

35-year-old Gin Lee‘s fans praised her snap but the actress said she thinks she’s more beautiful in real life. While Cantopop singer Niki Chow finds hers quite funny because she turned a few shades darker. Other celebs who have been “Barbiefied” include Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung, Gillian Chung and Kenny Kwan.

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