“Fake It Till You Make It” Opens with a Good Score on Douban

Among the many dramas lately, Fake It Till You Make It 装腔启示录 is proving to be another one to watch for with a story that’s very relatable. Douban rating has started off strong at 8.2 and has now risen to 8.3. Elvira Cai Wenjing and Elvis Han Dongjun star as junior lawyer Tang Ying and Xu Zi Quan who works in investment. Our leads are not geniuses or billionaires, but ordinary people working to make their way into the world.

Based on a novel of the same by Liu Cuihu 柳翠虎 that was published in 2021, it’s about two people who meet on a flight and the push and pull in their love story. The title suits the drama well as there is a lot of pretence not just with the main leads who put on a “mask” when dealing with each other, but the pretences that people have in today’s society. As the female lead deals with the pressure from her parents to get married, the two find themselves in a situation where they also pretend to be in a relationship.

Despite being a slow burn, the witty dialogue and the chemistry is off the charts. The two leads have been praised for having a natural rapport that make their scenes together believable and heartwarming. Given his past roles, there’s no question Elvis can turn on the charm which is perfect for his role opposite Elvira’s endearing female lead.

Fake It Till You Make It airs on Hunan TV and Mango TV. It’s on the shorter side with only 14 episodes though air schedule is also on the slower side. New episodes release on Thursday to Saturday for VIP and Friday-Saturday on television.

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