Melody Liu’s Ex Files Suit Contesting the Validity of Their Divorce Agreement After She Announced They Parted Amicably

Melody Liu divorce drama
Photo: melodykliu / Instagram

It’s been a couple weeks since Taiwanese celebrity Melody Liu (殷悅) surprised everyone with her sudden announcement that she was divorcing Wu Yuqi, her husband of 17 years, but it appears the divorce drama between the former couple is far from over.

According to reports by Taiwanese media SET News, her ex and his family have tasked a lawyer to file a lawsuit contesting the validity of their divorce agreement citing the unfair distribution of assets as the reason. Her ex’s side claims Melody “demanded” three properties worth a hundred million (NTD) from him as part of their divorce agreement.

This recent development to what is fast becoming a messy divorce certainly has had folks talking. One Netizen mockingly said perhaps his mum caught sight of their divorce agreement that’s why he’s wanting the properties back. Meanwhile, another lawyer shared his two cents about the case, saying unless he can prove that he can’t understand the language, or that he signed the agreement at gunpoint, that divorce agreement is pretty much done and dusted. Especially once it’s signed in front of witnesses and registered with the civil registry, there’s no reason why the conditions of the agreement can’t be fulfilled.

The 44-year-old celebrity first announced her divorce on social media where she thanked her ex for the time spent together. She also hoped that the relationship she had worked hard on can move towards a better direction and sends her sincerest blessings. She declined to comment on details about the divorce and says it ended amicably. However, she’s since taken down her post.

Melody Liu appeared as Jiro Wang’s teacher crush Tian Xin in the 2005 Taiwanese drama KO ONE together with Calvin Chen, Aaron Yan and Danson Tang. In 2006, she married Wu Yuqi who is 15 years older than her. The two exes share two daughters named Olivia and Fiona.

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