Cai Xukun Breaks Silence a Week After His Scandal Saying He Had Relations with Ms. C But Denies Other Allegations

Cai Xukun Confirms He Had Relations with Ms. C But Denies Other Allegations

Since he was caught in a scandal due to allegations from a certain Ms. C., everyone’s been waiting for a statement from Cai Xukun. The 24-year-old Chinese singer-songwriter has repeatedly trended #1 on Weibo hot search over the issue in spite of his silence and another paparazzi even insinuated he may have had relations with a minor.

Keep Running Season 11 Thailand Trip in Limbo

Last Friday, Keep Running 11 which was supposed to air its highly-anticipated Thailand edition cited programming adjustment as the reason for its sudden postponement. Many blame Cai Xukun as they assume his scandal is why the show couldn’t air. On the eve of July 2, state-run CCTV allegedly removing Cai Xukun’s videos from their platform trended #1 on Weibo hot search. Many felt it was similar to how some celebs were suddenly cancelled in China, but some refute this saying they can still find the same videos using pinyin or his name Xukun.

He Says There’s No “Underaged Woman” Nor “Forced Abortion”

Nonetheless, it seems the issue has become too big to ignore. On July 3, Cai Xukun took to social media to say, “Hello everyone, I am Cai Xukun. Recently, there have been many topics about me on the Internet. I am sorry to take up everyone’s time and attention. I was single two years ago and had relations with Ms. C. The private affairs between the two parties have been properly resolved in 2021, and there is no further entanglement with each other.

What needs to be clarified to everyone and the media here is that the relationship between Ms. C and I were from two willing parties. There is no “underaged woman” nor the so-called “forced abortion”. There are no illegal acts. I implore the relevant self-media not to spread rumors nor believe in rumors.

This lesson was painful for me. During these two years, I was also blaming myself and regretting. I apologize again to the fans who have always supported and trusted me, and to the media friends who have been following my development and growth. In the future, I will strictly restrain my words and deeds and accept the supervision of the public and society. Please also respect and protect the personal privacy of the parties, especially Ms. C.”

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