Ningning from Kpop Group Aespa is Now on Weibo!

Ningning from Kpop Group Aespa is Now on Weibo!
Photo: imnotningning / Instagram

Look who’s finally on Weibo! AESPA’s Ningning opened her very own Weibo account on June 11, and first up on her list? The Chinese K-pop idol greeted her fans via a short clip as her very first post on the Chinese platform. “Friends on Weibo, hello! This is Ningning (Ning Yizhuo). I’m now on Weibo!” she greeted. The idol singer encouraged everyone to check out her page frequently to keep up to date with her activities. “I’ll be sharing more about my daily life over here with everyone, love you guys!” As of press time, her account has already gained close to 300k followers since creating it yesterday.

A number of Chinese stars who started out as K-pop idols eventually grew their careers in China. There are rumours that Ningning may actually be joining the upcoming Chinese show The Next 舞台2023.

Screencapture: Ningning / Weibo

Back in May, all the ladies of the Kpop group were given the green light to set up their individual accounts over on Instagram after previously mentioning how much they wanted to do so to better connect with fans. Their personal IG accounts are @katarinabluu for Karina, @imwinter for Winter, @aerichandesu for Giselle and @imnotningning for Ningning with their respective pages amassing 3.8M, 3.4M, 3.2M and 3.2M respectively after less than a month.

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