Leslie Cheung Fan Recreates His Looks on Douyin

Leslie Cheung

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery. Hong Kong superstar Leslie Cheung may be long gone, in fact this year marks the 20th anniversary of his death, yet his legacy still lives on in the hearts of his fans who remember him. Recently, a Douyin influencer named Yu Junhan caught a lot of attention when he shared his transformation into the Cantopop legend on the app. In fact his entire Douyin account appears to be an ode to his favourite Hong Kong singer as most of his uploads are all about him trying to recreate some of the singer’s classic songs and looks. “I like Leslie Cheung and love Hong Kong music…” he wrote on his profile.

Leslie Cheung
Yu Junhan recreates a lot of Leslie Cheung’s looks and recently shares his step-by-step transformation

It seems his transformation to the beloved star takes a bit more work than just makeup although he certainly appears to have Leslie’s hair down to a T. As seen on his clips, not only does his makeup artist draw on thicker and different shaped brows, she also gave him a new nose and chin thanks to the application of putty to reshape his features. Even his eyebags were tweaked with a bit of putty dabbed on to make them more prominent. What do you guys think? Did he do a good job with his recreation?

Whilst no one can truly replace the beloved superstar, it’s heartwarming to see his memory being kept alive by fans from a younger generation even if it has been twenty years since his tragic passing.

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