Late Lyricist Li Kun Cheng’s Controversially Younger Wife Bombarded with Accusations Made by His Son

Li Kun Cheng with his young wife
Photo: Lin Jing En / Facebook

Taiwanese lyricist Li Kun Cheng’s estate doesn’t appear to be as settled as many may think what with the recent accusations made by his eldest son against the late lyricist’s second wife Lin Jing En. The couple ruffled alot of feathers when word of their “January-May” relationship – a relationship where one is significantly younger than the other, first broke out. At 26, Lin Jing En is 40 years younger than her late husband who was 66 when he passed away this year.

A Deathbed Marriage?

Li Kun Cheng passed away from cancer on April 9. At the time, his older son Li Zhuoxuan shared that his father apologised for not leaving him any of his assets whilst on his sickbed. He said he was okay with it since his dad gave him the chance to forge his own path. Netizens assumed then that this meant all the late lyricist’s assets went to his second wife Jing En instead.

Fast forward to a month later and things don’t seem to be going well between the 66-year-old’s eldest and his young stepmother. In a recent post using his father’s Facebook account, he accused her of pushing a quickie marriage whilst his father was on his death bed just so she can inherit his real estate. Previously, Taiwanese media reported that getting married was the quickest way to ensure Jing En can sign off on his medical documents. As his girlfriend, she couldn’t do so since she was not family.

Li Zhuoxuan Launches a String of Accusations

Contrary to what was previously reported, Li Zhuoxuan pointed out marrying Jing En just so she can sign medical consent forms was unnecessary since his father’s younger sister who was also at the hospital helping take care of him was fully authorised to sign documents since she was family. He also refuted Jing En’s claims that Li Kun Cheng planned to marry her even if he hasn’t proposed. “Ms Lin herself was the one who wrote several documents and used his fingerprints to “certify” that he wrote it. At the time, my dad couldn’t hold a pen anymore to sign anything so Ms Lin forged documents. She was even able to retrieve funds set aside for my dad’s medical treatments from his bank accounts. She also sold his car!” he said.

He also claimed that his step mother stole his father’s assets even before his death and taking over the childhood home he grew up in. “She didn’t pay inheritance tax, didn’t pay the mortgage for the home, spent all day locked in just drinking and playing video games. She destroyed things and threw things. The home where I grew up in was turned into a hovel. She also changed the locks to keep everyone in the family out. Is this true love? It’s called greed. How ridiculous.”

Before tying the knot back in February, Li Kun Cheng and Lin Jing En had been in a relationship for 10 years. When news first broke about their relationship in 2013, it made a lot of waves because of the huge age gap between them as that meant they began dating when Lin Jing En was just 17 and Kun Cheng 56.

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