Jam Hsiao Just Proposed to His Longtime Manager

Jam Hsiao Just Proposed to His Longtime Manager

Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao just revealed that he and his manager Summer Lin who is 13 year older have gotten engaged! His announcement may be sudden, but it’s also a longtime coming since the two have been in dating rumours in the past. Jam who’s now 36 made his debut on the singing competition One Million Star 超級星光大道 in 2007. He’s been working with Summer for the past 16 years. He writes:

Hello everyone, I am Xiao Jingteng
Today I want to share my joy with you
Share it with those whom I love and those who love me
I know it’s sudden
but i want you to know I’m happy I’m really happy
I have music
I have basketball
I have friends
I have a family that loves me
I have you who support me
I have a lot
I have love, a love that is true and complete

I’m so glad my life has come to this stage
hope to get your blessing
I also wish for you all to find the happiness that truly belongs to you

Today 2023/6/27
It’s Summer Lin Youhui’s birthday
Greeting Summer
Happy birthday
Always be safe, healthy and happy
She is my most trusted work partner who has accompanied me since my debut for 16 years

Yesterday 6/26/2023
I formally proposed to Lin Youhui
I also heard the most important three words as I had hoped

i officially say goodbye to singlehood
I will cherish her and love her
I will turn my joy into my work
I will cherish all the good and bad that God has given me

Thank you for your patience in witnessing my joy
Thank you everyone, love you all.

Source: JamHsiao / Facebook

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