Noel Leung Makes Her TVB Return After 26 Years in Sequel to “Sinister Beings”

Noel Leung
Noel Leung with husband Gary Chan Ka-fai at the boot ceremony of Sinister Being 2
Photo: 梁小冰Sabrina / Weibo

It was a comeback long in the making. After a 26 year hiatus, former TVB actress Noel Leung (Sabrina) returns to the spotlight in the sequel to the 2021 TVB thriller, Sinister Beings 逆天奇案. As an added surprise, Noel will be co-starring with her husband Gary Chan Ka-fai in the show playing what else but husband and wife. Gary ironically played the antagonist Ma Wenchai who got between Noel’s character Zhu Yingtai and Show Luo’s Liang Shanbo in their doomed romance on the 2000 Taiwanese TV series Butterfly Lovers.

2000 Butterfly Lovers

You may be wondering why her sudden change of heart. It has been after all more than two decades since she last stepped onto a TVB set. Well, Noel revealed that it was actually the script that finally convinced her to take on the role of a down and out gangster in the series. As a former beauty queen, it’s hard to picture her playing a rough gangster on the show but I bet it’s gonna be a fun change to play one. Noel revealed that after not being in front of the cameras for so long, she’s hasn’t gotten too involved in her project yet but reckons seeing the script and playing the character will make her catch the acting bug once again.

Meanwhile, Netizens who saw Noel at the drama’s recent boot ceremony commented how different the 53-year-old looks compared to her peers. However, at her age and for someone who hasn’t stepped foot into showbiz for so long, she looks pretty good.

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