Ming Dao Addresses Criticism of His Onscreen Pairing with Jiang Wenli, They’re in Their Late 30s and 40s When They Shot “The Corner of Love”

Ming Dao Addresses Being Paired with Actress Jiang Wenli Who's 11 Years Oler
Photo(s): The Corner of Love / Weibo

Jiang Wenli, 56, and Ming Dao, 43, finally ushered in the TV broadcast of their drama The Corner of Love 转角之恋 after seven years on the shelf. The two play a single dad and a single mom who end up under one roof due to a rental scam. While they shot the series in 2016 when they were still in their late thirties and forties, their ages have stirred up debate that casting for the onscreen couple was way off. Some felt they weren’t a fit for each other nor the story about an urban romance.

In the variety show The Detectives’ Adventures, Ming Dao explained that their target audience are not young people. He acknowledged the disputes about how he and co-star Jiang Wenli don’t look very compatible, however, he quoted one comment from a Netizen that he felt was very good: “What are you all going on about. In life, people who look like they’re completely mismatched can get along quite well.” He also pointed out that the Netizens leaving comments are not their intended audience. He said, “The drama’s being watched by moms and grannies, it’s not meant for kids, it’s about another stage of love, life and everything.” Shrugging off negative comments, the actor confidently said that the outcome of the drama has met their initial expectations and what they filmed is what they intended.

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