BLACKPINK Catches Heat for Thanking “Macanese” Instead of “Chinese” Fans in the Group’s Social Media Post After Their Concert

The ladies of BLACKPINK

Since their Macau concert on the 20th and 21st, K-pop sensation BLACKPINK has found themselves trending again on the hot search. First, Chinese celebs who were spotted attending the Macau leg of BLACKPINK’s world tour was heavily criticised for being unpatriotic. Then, a few days after, the group is being blasted on Chinese social media for failing to “properly” thank their Chinese fans.

It all started when BLACKPINK Official posted a thank you message for everyone who came out to support them at their Macau concert. Posting in English on the group’s official Weibo : “We were deeply touched by our Macanese BLINKs this week. Thank you for all the heartfelt support. We are truly blessed to have you guys. 520 forever BLINKs <3”. However, a lot of Chinese Netizens took umbrage at how the post said Macanese instead of Chinese. “Macanese? Chinese!” said one commenter on the post. “Stop being ridiculous. What’s with the “Macanese”. Is “Chinese” so hard to type? Is it a specially coined word?” was the most upvoted response in the comments section. Meanwhile, another commenter bluntly said if the group didn’t respect China, then they shouldn’t set foot on Chinese soil.


Mainland netizens feel that since Macau is an administrative region of China, the word “Chinese” would be more appropriate. BLACKPINK Official’s post would later be edited to reflect “Macau BLINKs” instead of Macanese, but not to “Chinese” as Netizens demanded. On the other side of the coin, there are also folks who didn’t put too much thought on the post’s word choice, thinking it merely describes Macau and that Netizens are just blowing things out of proportion.

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