“Taxi Driver 2” Hits 21% in Ratings on SBS and Confirms Plans for Season 3 [UPDATE]

"Taxi Driver 2" Hits 21% in Ratings on SBS and Many Clamour for Season 3

Revenge dramas have become a popular theme in K-dramaland lately. Based on the webtoon The Deluxe Taxi, SBS drama Taxi Driver which follows a vigilante taxi company that takes on clients who have been wronged and exacts revenge on their behalf is undoubtedly another one in the genre.

The K-drama starring Lee Je-hoon, Kim Eui-sung and Pyo Ye-jin became a hit when it first aired in 2021 and its second season which premiered this February finally wrapped this weekend to a resounding success. Aside from ratings surpassing the first season’s 16% high, Taxi Driver 2 also broke the 20% mark as it ended on a series high of 21%.

The finale ended with the words, “As long as the phone rings, the operation will continue,” and it has gotten Netizens clamouring for Taxi Driver 3. With more K-dramas adopting a seasonal format like the upcoming Dr. Romantic 3 and The Fiery Priest 2 in talks for a possible return this year, let’s hope SBS succeeds in bringing these beloved dramas back!

UPDATE: On April 16, the show’s production team confirmed plans to produce Taxi Driver 3 and that discussions with actors, writers are expected to begin soon. In previous interviews, the cast had stated their interest to reprise their roles. However, the production company also revealed that specific matters have not yet been discussed. Internally, they hope that after preparations are made, broadcast will be in 2025.

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