Princess Huai Yu Star Carol Cheng Chia-yu “Announces” Marriage But It’s Actually a Costume

carol cheng
Carol Cheng
Source: Carol Cheng /Weibo

The 51-year-old Taiwanese actress Carol Cheng Chia-yu 鄭家榆 recently shared two photos of herself in a wedding gown accompanied with the caption “I’m getting married!” Thing is though folks weren’t quite sure what to make of her news since the announcement coincided with April Fools. “If it didn’t fall on April Fool’s Day, I would believe it” was the most upvoted commented on her post. Others though were pretty excited and congratulated her, fondly referring to her as “Princess Huai Yu.”

However, when media reached out to her agent for confirmation, it appears Netizen’s hunch the announcement was fake was pretty spot on, at least when it comes to her own love life. It turns out the post was just a publicity stunt to promote her new show. As for the picture of her in a wedding dress, Carol’s agent said that it was a costume and not for her own wedding.

Carol Cheng

Carol Cheng is most recognisable for her role as the titular Princess Huai Yu in the 2000 runaway hit show about the forbidden romance between a Ming princess and a Qing dynasty Emperor. For a while, the onscreen romance between Carol and actor Eric Suen who played her love interest Emperor Kangxi became something more. After more than a year of dating however, the couple broke up. In 2009, Carol retired from the industry though she made a comeback in 2013 and has continued to appear in several projects since.

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