Ham So Won Plans to Divorce Her Young Husband Believing It’ll Put a Stop to Haters

Ham So Won
Ham So Won and Chen Hua
Ham So Won and Chen Hua in one of their many Instagram Live streams
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In a surprise move, Korean TV personality Ham So Won recently announced via their Youtube channel her plans to divorce her Chinese husband Chen Hua. The 46-year-old said her husband and her in-laws have grown weary of the constant attacks and vile comments against them.  Whereas she thought things will start to quiet down after leaving the show Taste of Wife, what happened was far from what she had imagined. Bashers and haters appeared to have stepped up their game, not only sending hateful messages towards her but also directing their vitriol towards her in-laws as well. “My in-laws are very upset that the honour of their beloved son is being impugned.”

There’s nothing else to do but to divorce. Please divorce me. Yes I have already asked my husband and his parents for a divorce” she said. She believes that with her departure (from the family), haters will finally stop harassing Chen Hua and his family. Moreover, she says divorcing him will eventually allow him to meet a good person closer to his own age. And that this is her parting gift to him for loving her. So Won also warned that anyone continuing to spread false rumours against her husband and in-laws will soon face legal action. “I’ll sue you all and donate the settlement money I receive to poor kids.

Confusing Appearance Together on Live Stream

Oddly enough and causing not a bit of confusion amongst Netizens, despite announcing her plans to divorce, the couple still appeared together on live stream the same day she made her announcement. Netizens naturally asked about the divorce announcement. Chen Hua said that no matter what, they were still family even if they’ve split. He also revealed their daughter will live with her mum in South Korea. Meanwhile So Won said she’s just helping out Chen Hua as he does his work live streaming.

Aside from having different nationalities, Ham So Won and Chen Hua’s marriage is considered to be a wee bit controversial given their 18 year age gap. She’s 46 and he’s 29. That and the fact that they got caught “embellishing” some bits of their private life such as the properties they owned or his supposed fuerdai (second generation rich) background for the (Taste of Wife) cameras.

They married in 2018 despite objections from both of their families because of the age gap between them. Initially, her father-in-law threatened to cut him off if he married his older girlfriend. But seeing how much the couple were determined to be together, his parents soon relented. After settling in South Korea after they were married, the coupled upped stakes and recently moved to Ho Chi Minh with their young daughter Hye Jeong.

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