“Copycat Killer” Yet Another Hit Taiwanese Series from the Creators of “The Victims’ Game”

"Copycat Killer" Yet Another Hit Taiwanese Series from the Creators of "The Victims' Game"
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Netflix’s Chinese-language suspense series Copycat Killer 模仿犯 has been drumming up buzz since its release last March 31. Adapted from the mystery novel Mohohan written by Japanese author Miyuki Miyabe, the series which stars Wu Kang Ren, Alice Ko, Tuo Chung Hua, Jack Yao, Fandy Fan, Cammi Chiang and Xia Teng Hong has been setting new records.

Just last week, it managed to climb up to second in Netflix’s weekly global non-English top ten list just behind the hit K-drama The Glory. This makes Copycat Killer the first Taiwanese TV series to land on the global top 10 for non-English shows! Aside from this, the series has been consistently number one in Taiwan and Hong Kong while staying within the top 10 in Singapore, Vietnam, etc.

Copycat Killer
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But what makes this psychological thriller quite a hit amongst crime drama enthusiasts? Viewers have praised the storyline to be quite gripping. And, with a talented cast bringing the spine tingling story to life, realistic and (very) graphic visuals plus great cinematography, it’s no wonder audiences are hooked. It’s really no surprise given that the series is also produced by Greener Grass Production, which was behind Joseph Chang and Tiffany Ann Hsu’s 2020 crime thriller The Victims’ Game 誰是被害者. The series was so successful that it became the first Chinese-language original series to be renewed by Netflix for a second season.

Ruby Lin who was in The Victims’ Game also make special appearances on Copycat Killer as a feisty news anchor named Yao Yaci who exchanges words with the killer during a live broadcast. Veteran actor Chen Bozheng plays the desperate grandfather who made audiences cry seeing the lengths he’d go for his missing granddaughter.

Chen Bozheng in Copycat Killer
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Copycat Killer Synopsis

Wu Kang Ren plays a talented prosecutor named Guo Xiaoqi who’s adept in investigating homicide cases. Set in Taiwan during the 90s, he faces off against a shrewd and ruthless killer in what is Taiwan’s first ever serial murder case. The yet to be unmasked serial killer masterfully manipulates everyone into playing his dangerous cat and mouse game. Taking advantage of the media’s growing attention to him, he takes pleasure in teasing the victim’s families and uses the media to turn the murders into a spectacle. As more bodies pile up, Xiaoqi becomes more determined than ever and risks his life to end the puppet master’s reign and bring him to justice.

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