Yang Mi’s Quirky US$ 840 “Apple Bag” Trends on Social Media

Yang Mi
Yang Mi
Photos: Yang Mi Studio / Weibo

Everyone knows about the Yang Mi effect and all that. After all, the actress always draws attention no  matter what she does, as do her outfits and accessories which set off new trends. But could the actress’ recent fashion accessory find fans scrambling to add to cart and then hitting that check out button? The fashionista recently shared a photo of her current accessory with an unusual charm of an apple hanging on a chain strap. Yep, that’s a real apple that’s hanging on a chain. It turns out this accessory is the brainchild of Italian fashion house Etro which can be yours too for the price of US$ 840 (red apple not included).

Photos: Etro and Farfetch

If you fancy something snazzier, the brand also came out with a gilded apple shaped metal bag version with the same chain strap. Be prepared to lighten your wallet though, since the metal version also comes with a hefty US$ 5,250 pricetag. What do you guys think? Splurge or save your money? Whilst there’s no denying that this is something quirky and different, it’s definitely not a celebrity trend for everyone.

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