R.Chord Hsieh Says He’s Quitting Marijuana for His Baby Daughter

R.Chord Hsieh Says He's Quitting Marijuana for His Baby Daughter
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Taiwanese singer-songwriter R.Chord Hsieh He-hsian may have just been “promoted” to the role of “dad” since Liya who’s an influencer gave birth to their daughter Melody Hsieh 謝音悅, and their five month old baby already has dad wrapped around her tiny fingers. In the past, R.Chord was controversially very vocal about legalising the use of marijuana. But since welcoming his little princess, the singer has had a change of heart announcing recently that he quit using drugs for his precious daughter.

And, if ever his daughter is curious about the drug when she’s older, he said he’ll bring her to a country where it’s legal so she can try it safely.

A Complete Transformation

Being Melody’s dad is the luckiest and happiest thing to happen to me” he said. The doting father would oft share selfies with his daughter on social media. In an interview with ET Today, R.Chord shared that as a long time sufferer of bipolar disorder for thirty years, having her totally improved his condition.

Listening to him now, you wouldn’t think he was the callous R.Chord of the past who divorced his first wife Keanna Taiyh whilst she was still pregnant with his child and then immediately announcing he’s already dating his second wife Liya. Their marriage soon turned very messy too, but all this seems to have changed when they had Melody. “My daughter really changed my life. I found that I’m not as angry or irritable recently. I feel better and have become more patient. After the birth of my daughter, I’ve become very loving. Even the sound of her crying is music to my ears and when I see her laugh, I melt. All my stress and irritation evaporates. If I smoke, I’ll make sure to brush my teeth and gargle before I hold my daughter.” He’s even willing to quit smoking for her!

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