Kenneth Ma Says Less Intimate Scenes for Himself and Fiancée Roxanne Tong After Marriage

Kenneth Ma Says Less Intimate Scenes for Himself and Fiancée Roxanne Tong After Marriage
Photos: Kenneth Ma and Roxanne Tong / Instagram

Another celebrity couple about to say their “I Do’s” is Kenneth Ma and fiancée Roxanne Tong. Kenneth mentioned that after they are married, both himself and Roxanne have agreed to be more discerning when it comes to filming intimate scenes. If the plot doesn’t really need it, they’d rather not do any kissing or passionate scenes to avoid unnecessary marital disputes or cause for jealousy in the future.

We have an agreement that Roxanne won’t be taking projects that call for showing lots of skin or scenes that are too ardent.” As for himself, Kenneth said that even now when he’s filming kissing scenes with his female co-stars, he’d ask them if they were okay with it. “It’s alright with me if they don’t want to do it. I appreciate it. They can speak out if they’re not comfortable. When I was filming Plan B 宝宝大 with Eliza Sam, she told me before filming that she didn’t really want to film kissing scenes because her husband didn’t like it. I didn’t think it was unprofessional. If we continued to shoot and she didn’t feel comfortable, it wouldn’t be good.”

But will he speak up if some of the scenes got too intense? Kenneth answered in the affirmative. “Yes I will. Sometimes the scenes are overly exaggerated. I’ll raise the question to the director if it’s really necessary and if it won’t be cut. It’s useless to waste everyone’s time.” Kenneth added that people don’t always have to watch intimate scenes when fight scenes are so much more exciting. And yes, it seems the actor is very much interested in branching out into action. After playing a doctor so many times, he says he wants to give audiences something fresh and new. And as long as he can do it and it’s safe, he said he’s totally down to do it.

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