Former “Youth With You” Contestant Xu Bingchao Now Sells Steamed Buns for a Living

Former "Youth With You" Contestant Xu Bingchao Now Sells Steamed Buns for a Living
Photo: Xu Bingchao / Weibo

If there’s anything a worldwide pandemic taught many of us, it’s the importance of knowing how to pivot. Recently, someone spotted former idol contestant Xu Bingchao (徐炳超) with a food truck selling buns on the streets of Hangzhou. Many were surprised as it’s a completely different trajectory from his previous career as a model and an idol. Although he didn’t quite make it to the top in Youth With You then known as the second season of Idol Producer, he still debuted as part of a boygroup called Desert5 which disbanded after just a hundred days. Since then, he has remained active on social media and even starred in 2022’s web drama Rewriting Destiny as a second lead, however, his appearances have now become few and far between.

A New Business Venture

Photo: Sohu Entertainment

After a photo of him selling steamed buns behind his truck started trending online, the 25-year-old Xu Bingchao took to social media to confirm the news after half a year AWOL online. He said he was waiting for his situation to stabilise before sharing updates from his life though he didn’t expect to see himself trending on the hot search.

“Yes, I’ve started a “business” selling steamed buns. The decision to do this was not just a whim but a long term consideration. I now rely on my own hands to live a fulfilling life everyday. I’m very happy to see customers loving the steamed buns I made personally and it really gave me a sense of accomplishment. I’m not promoting myself, it’s really very delicious! Hahahahah”

Thanking everyone who supported him, he hopes everyone can live the life that they want. And, if you every find yourself visiting Hangzhou, feel free to pop over to his stall. He says he welcomes everyone who drops by to have a chat with him or listen to him sing whilst trying his steamed buns.

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