Alex Fong Confirms His Girlfriend Maple Yip Is the Woman Who Came Forward as an Alleged JMS Cult Victim

Alex Fong Confirms He's Dating JMS Cult Victim Maple Yip
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After a couple of years in the dating circuit, it appears Hong Kong actor, singer and swimmer Alex Fong just found himself a new girlfriend in Maple Yip. Since his breakup from his ex, singer Stephy Tang with whom he’s been together with for ten years, Alex admitted previously that he’s been on a dating drought. But it wasn’t for lack of trying though. Alex said he’d even tried dating apps to meet women except his age might’ve been a hindrance. Now 43, the singer slash actor said it all boils down to him being in the ’40 and up’ category.

He Cherishes Her Even More

However, things appear to be turning around for his dating life with Alex recently admitting to dating Maple when speaking with Hong Kong media. “If you know her, you would all like her. She’s the “girl next door” type and very considerate. For our first meal, I brought her to a hotel for lunch and she told me I didn’t have to take her to a hotel to eat lunch. Her favourite thing is to eat in a cha chaan teng (茶餐厅)” or a Hong Kong style café.

Meanwhile, if you watched the Netflix documentary “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal”, Maple is one of the women featured on the Netflix docu as an alleged sexual assault victim of Jung Myung-seok, the head of the Christian Gospel Mission (also known as Jesus Morning Star hence JMS) in South Korea who reportedly also assaulted other believers under the guise of “God’s Love”.

Alex said that his girlfriend told him everything the first time they met. “I once saw an interview about it and felt so drained. I admire her bravery so much – suffering through something so unfair and then coming forward to report it. At first I felt disappointed by it all. Then I thought why are you this naïve and child-like?” But then after watching it, he said he cherished her more.

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