Jess Lee Confirms Split from Longtime Boyfriend

Jess Lee
Jess Lee Confirms Split from Longtime Boyfriend
Photo: 李佳薇 Jess Lee / Facebook

Yes, my current status is single.” It appears Taiwan based Malaysian singer Jess Lee Kar Wei is back on the dating market. The 34-year-old singer confirmed the split for everyone on social media today and thanked everyone for their concern. There had been some speculation earlier that the singer broke up with her long-time boyfriend because he cheated on her.  Although Jess confirmed the split in her statement, she did not give any reasons for the breakup save for the enigmatic statement “it’s not about being a victim or not, nor is it about wrong love or not. We both devoted our love in the relationship.”

It seems Jess may have also lost a bit of weight but as to whether it was the stress of the break-up that was the cause, she said she simply took some time off to transform herself.. with a new life and a new body. “Proud to say, I am fine!” she said. From the tone of her post, it sounds like Jess is trying to stay positive about the situation, even cheekily asking everyone to set her up and introduce her. Likewise, despite the breakup, she says “love songs will still be sung with abandon, that life is still beautiful and that she, still believes in love”.

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