Jackie Chan Shares a Tearful Goodbye with His “Ride On” Animal Co-star

Jackie Chan
Photo: Ride On / Weibo

Here’s a heartwarming story between martial arts superstar Jackie Chan and the animal actor he worked with named Chi Tu (赤兔) for his movie Ride On 龙马精神. In the film, Jackie plays a former stunt man called Lao Luo who plans to train his beloved horse to become an equine star. Guess with all the training and practices the two underwent for the scenes they shot together, it appears a close bond blossomed over the two months that they were filming.

It’s pretty cool because from some BTS clips, it didn’t look like it was always smooth sailing between these two with Jackie even getting bit at one point. But just call him the horse whisperer or something because the two have gotten pretty affectionate – exchanging fist-muzzle bumps, Jackie constantly rubbing his muzzle, giving him kisses and making sure he’s comfortable.

When the time finally came for everyone to part ways after filming wrapped, Jackie couldn’t help but cry when he saw tears unexpectedly well up in his equine co-star’s eyes. Chi Tu continued to follow Jackie around, and as he was being led away, he kept looking back at Jackie and started to cry, making Jackie cry too. Later Jackie mopped up Chi Tu’s tears with a tissue after wiping his own.

JAckie Chan

It also stars Liu Haocun as Jackie’s daughter Xiao Bao whom he hasn’t seen for many years. Because he found himself in the middle of a lawsuit, he sought help from his daughter Xiao Bao and her lawyer boyfriend Nai Hua played by actor Guo Qilin. Ride On is set to hit theaters on April 7, 2023.

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