Liu Wen-cheng’s Former Manager Changes Tune to Say the Retired Singer is Alive Just a Day After Announcing His Death

Li Wencheng
Liu Wencheng

Yep, in a confusing turn of events, it seems reports of the 80s superstar’s death are premature. On February 15, Hsia Yushun, the former manager of the iconic Taiwanese singer-actor claimed that Liu Wencheng 劉文正 passed away at the age of 70 from a heart attack in November 2022. He also claimed that his former client’s body was found by his sister the following morning. Just a day later however, in a bizarro turn of events, Hsia Yushun has changed his tune to say that the retired singer is alive.

“Just Treat Him as Gone”, Says His Former Manager

In a text interview with ET Today, Hsia Yushun claims the singer told him to just say he was dead so people will finally stop nagging him for a showbiz comeback. It seems someone offered to pay the singer a HUGE amount of money to try and tempt him back under the spotlight which he really has no interest in doing.

As for the heart attack, Hsia Yushun said he didn’t make that part up and that it actually happened days prior to his birthday in November as reported. Unlike his earlier claim however, he said the singer pulled through.  He added though “to just treat him as gone. He will never appear under the spotlight again, forever! If you think about it, if he gave it all up at the age of 29, why would he want to make a comeback now at the age of 70?” he said. According to reports, Liu Wencheng moved to the US in the early 90s. Hsia Yushun also claims that the retired singer is currently in Las Vegas.

If what the manager claims is true, that’s definitely a drastic way to avoid any more requests for a comeback, don’t you think? Good thing he’s alive and well.

No Contact In Years

Meanwhile, Liu Wencheng’s 94-year-old aunt was livid when she heard the former manager’s claim. Saying that her nephew is alive and living well in the Philippines, she told media that Liu Wencheng was not very happy to hear the news that “he died” when she gave him a call. Moreover, she said her nephew hasn’t had any contact with Hsia Yushun for many years.

In his heyday, Liu Wencheng released close to 40 albums because of his distinctive sound and appeared in a slew of movies opposite popular leading ladies of the period. However, he gave it all up and chose to leave the business during the height of his career at age 29.

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