“My Date with a Vampire” Star Eric Wan Fights Demons in New Web Film “Demon Catcher 2”

Eric Wan in Demon Catcher 2
Photo: Trawind Division / Weibo

With the fairly recent update about the movie remake of ATV’s uber popular My Date with a Vampire that is in the works, it seems quite apt to mention Eric Wan Tin-Chiu 尹天照, the original vampire in the 90s hit series who is back with a web movie. Unlike his previous vampire role however, Eric “switches sides” and does the hunting this time as Master Guan in Demon Catcher 2. The role was previously played by veteran Hong Kong actor Bryan Leung Kar-yan 梁家仁.

Touted as a fantasy thriller, Demon Catcher 2 is set during the Republican period where warlords fought constantly for control and society in turmoil. When the corpse of an unknown man dressed in red is mysteriously found and strange things happen, Taoist Master Guan returns to fight the forces of evil and restores order to the realm.

Eric Wan returns in the 2022 web movie Demon Catcher 2

Nowadays, it’s quite common to see veteran actors starring in Chinese web movies. Back in his heyday, Eric Wan was ATV’s top actor. He is best known for his role as vampire Fong Tin-Yau in My Date with a Vampire opposite Joey Meng which aired its third and final season in 2004. The actor then left ATV and eventually took a break from showbiz to care for his wife Teresa Wan when she fell ill at the time.

It seems though that he’s ready to get back to acting again. In the past, Eric Wan reportedly mentioned that he had received numerous offers to play a vampire again but no longer wants to do so citing his religious beliefs as the reason. Now however, it appears Eric is at least ready to give the genre another go, playing a demon hunting Taoist priest in the film.

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