Leon Liang Jingkang Explains, “I Never Said I Didn’t Need Fans” After His Fan Club Shut Down

Liang Jingkang
Source: Liang Jingkang / Weibo

After his fan club announced they’re permanently shutting their doors, Leon Leong aka Liang Jingkang finally responds to the controversy over what he supposedly said which resulted in his fanclub’s decision to close. “I never said I didn’t need fans” he clarified.  And that maybe his attempts at self-deprecation when he said “I don’t have any fans” was misunderstood.

I meant to poke fun at myself. If this misunderstanding made everyone feel bad, I sincerely apologise to everyone and am grateful for your support” said the actor who played Mei Zuo in 2018’s Meteor Garden.  After wishing everyone well, he promised to do better and work on his shortcomings.

Barely an hour later, Liang Jingkang uploaded another post once again expressing his thanks to fans and relatives who supported him. He said that he’s well aware that his personality needs some getting used to and that it’s something he’s working on. He added that in his years as an actor, he has learned a lot from family, fans, colleagues and from his management company. Particularly, he said that whilst people might not have any malicious intentions, improper communication can still cause a lot of harm to each other. He promised to work on the areas of his personality that “need improvement” and that in the future, he looks forward to meeting everyone from a better place.

On the eve of January 5, Liang Jingkang Global Fan Club announced their decision to shut down operations and also informed everyone that all related accounts will no longer be updated. Although it did not state a reason for the closure, speculation that him saying “I don’t need fans” is what pushed the fanclub to ultimately close.

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