Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan Reveal First Photo of Their Third Son and the Celebrity Mom’s Post-Baby Look

Photos: kevincheng_official and ghlchan / Instagram

Celebrity couple Kevin Cheng, 53, and Grace Chan, 31, kickstart the Lunar New Year by revealing their baby’s first photo to the public! In a short but sweet reel, the two gave fans a glimpse of their youngest son, Carlos whom the actress reportedly gave birth to on January 11, 2023. Baby Carlos has two elder brothers, Rafael and Yannick born in 2019 and 2020.

But the cute newborn is not the only focus of the netizens. Grace Chan also uploaded photos of herself in an emerald green dress that shows off her slim figure. Giving birth to 3 kids in a span of 5 years since she got married in 2018, it would be natural to expect that her body won’t be the same as when she was single but the Hong Kong-born Canadian actress-host-beauty queen surprised most of her fans. A lot of people complimented Grace on how great she looks just 2 weeks postpartum and I definitely share their opinion. Lol!

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