Former Miss Hong Kong Lee San-San Is Taking a Break from Social Media After Posting Updates Everyday

Former Miss Hong Kong Lee San-San Is Taking a Break from Social Media

Sometimes, laying low from social media is the best thing to do and that’s exactly what Hong Kong actress Lee San-San 李珊珊, 45, has decided for the new year.

Saying that she feels like 2023 will be an “extremely difficult” year, the 1996 Miss Hong Kong declared that she is temporarily quitting social media. She added that in order to advance bravely in the worst times, one must have a strong body and mind because only in the best times can dreams be achieved.

Although she has stepped back from the public eye for years, Lee San-San has made sure to keep her followers updated through social media. She’s had her social media platforms for quite a long time now. She’s been on Chinese microblogging site Weibo for 10 years and she’s been on Facebook and Instagram for 5 years. Furthermore, she would literally make social media updates everyday.

In 2019, Lee San-san had previously opened up about having panic disorder and it looks like she needs a break to focus on taking care of herself. She also said that she will be returning once she feels “normal” again and asked her friends and family not to worry about her choice. Naturally, her posts received a lot of comments from her fans. Many said that they support her decision. Some also commented that they hope she gets a much-needed rest.

Speaking from experience, sometimes a time away from social media can really be a huge help. Refreshing your mind can do wonders so I hope she can recover soon.

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