Charmaine Sheh Opens Her House for Viewing and Shares About Her New Life in the City

Charmaine Sheh
Source: Charmaine Sheh / Weibo

Since moving to Shanghai for a change of pace and for work, Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh has practically become a fixture in the Chinese entertainment industry. Recently, the 47-year-old actress opened the doors to her Shanghai home to give everyone a glimpse of her expat lifestyle as a transplant to the city. Simple and modern, Charmaine’s house radiates warmth with its white walls and wooden flooring. Despite the minimalist vibes, her personality shines through with the various knickknacks strewn around the flat as well as the vases of flowers decorating some of the rooms.

Charmaine Sheh
Charmaine Sheh opens her Shanghai home to the folks from variety show Super Mom Academy 辣妈学院
Screencapture: Super Mom Academy /Weibo

Expat Life

To make way for her growing career in the mainland, Charmaine has been shuttling to and from Hong Kong and Shanghai. However since moving to Shanghai, she says she’s quickly integrated to the city’s daily rhythm. The actress who lives alone says she spends her free time watching dramas, working out and reading books. And in some cases, she says she hops online to look for foodie recommendations and willingly queues for two hours just for dessert. This is a life experience she said.

Moving also means worrying about her mum who decided to stay in Hong Kong instead relocating with her. Last year when her mum fell ill, she said she was super anxious since she was on location in Chengdu and couldn’t rush to her mother’s side which she did so after work wrapped.

Charmaine Sheh's house in Super Mom Academy

Nowadays, the actress says she’s finally getting the knack of balancing work and life. Whereas she used to be a workaholic and didn’t take a lot of time off – just two or three days for several years, she says now she won’t be as desperate and enjoy life more. “Now I know how to balance life and work, because I feel like I’ve been living so freely” she says.

Charmaine Sheh is reportedly making her comeback to a Hong Kong production in the upcoming TVB drama News Queen 新聞女郎 with Kenneth Ma in talks as the male lead. If both confirm, it will be a reunion for the two six years after 2017’s Bet Hur.

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