Kalok Wong Leaves TVB After 21 Years

Kalok Wong
Kalok Wong
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Hong Kong actor Stephen Kalok Wong (黃嘉樂) surprised many with his announcement the other day, saying he’s ready to fly the nest towards a new future.  Since starting his career in the entertainment industry, the 43-year-old has been with TVB all throughout, having debuted 21 years earlier after joining the network’s 17th Acting Class. However, despite his longstanding tenure with TVB, Kalok has always appeared in supporting roles. At 43 years old and newly married to photographer wife Samantha Kong, he says he’s ready for big changes and looking forward to try new things.

Thank you to everyone who has  grown with me for the past 21 years. Everyone and everything I encountered on this journey has been my biggest gain. Jumping out of my comfort zone, looking for more opportunities and welcoming more challenges coming my way. I look forward to a new version of myself”.

Trying Something New

Kalok admitted in an interview with publication HK01 that he has been passive when it came to his career. By taking this step and making changes, he says he can now try different things. “Apart from filming dramas for so many years, it seems I didn’t have opportunities to look around and see for myself what’s new , what’s going on out there. And now I think is a good time, really I want to try everything” he said.

Making big life changes might mean stepping out of the familiar and getting away from his comfort zone. However, Kalok is adamant that he’s very grateful to the opportunities given to him by TVB. Not to mention the chance to play one of the main characters in the upcoming TVB drama Speakers of Law 法言人 which he co-stars in with his pal Kenneth Ma to whom he went to for career advise sometimes.

After 20 years, I can finally take on the role of a protagonist in the place where I grew up. I am really grateful. I’m thankful to those who gave me the opportunity. Of course, I am reluctant to leave. I debuted and entered the industry here, grew up here. I have so many feelings.”

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