IU and Lee Jong Suk Confirmed to be Dating

IU and Lee Jong Suk Confirmed to be Dating
Photos: @jongsuk0206 and @dlwlrma / Instagram

IU Lee Ji-eun, 29, and Lee Jong Suk, 33, are dating! Wow! It’s certainly the biggest surprise of 2022 for me that arrived on New Year’s Eve of all days.

Dispatch reports that the two have been seeing each other for about 4 months now. How that flew under the radar is still a huge mystery to me. According to reports, they also celebrated Christmas together in Nagoya, Japan. With rumors spreading like wildfire, Lee Jong Suk’s agency, HighZium Studio, quickly confirmed it. Thereafter, IU’s agency EDAM entertainment also confirmed the news saying the two have known each other for a long time and have recently gone from colleagues to a couple.

In his 12-year career since debuting as an actor, this is the first time Lee Jong Suk has publicly admitted to being in a relationship. Meanwhile, IU has only confirmed one relationship in the past as she dated Jang Ki Ha who was 11 years her senior for a few years before they broke up in 2017.  Netizens are now wondering how their love story played out as they were never in a project together either. Although, I did read that IU actually sang the celebratory song for the wedding of Jong Suk’s younger brother.

Many are now analyzing Lee Jong Suk’s statement during his award acceptance speech in 2022 MBC Drama Awards where he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to someone who helped him get through some difficulties. According to him, this person is someone whom he has liked for a very long time. Was it IU all along?

Cheers to K-Ent’s newest powerhouse couple!


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