On Rumors She Once Threw Coffee at Rosamund Kwan, Tiffany Chen Sets the Record Straight

On Rumors She Threw Coffee at Rosamund Kwan, Tiffany Chen Says There's No Truth to It at All

Producer Tiffany Chen who’s married to entertainment mogul Charles Heung and former actress Rosamund Kwan who’s among Hong Kong’s rich and famous are both very influential. While the two ladies who are now in their sixties have occasionally been photographed together, there were past rumors of discord about them that have not been addressed.

When asked about the rumor that Tiffany Chen once threw coffee at Rosamund Kwan, Tiffany finally sets the record straight. She said, “I’ve seen this video and article, I’ve seen them all, it’s self-media (自媒体) making things up and I’m very angry.” Tiffany stressed that she and Rosamund have been friends for 38 years. She adds, “What my son’s (Jacky Heung) age is now, that’s how long we’ve known each other.” She also shared that they lived in the same building and were good friends who talked about everything.

Tiffany Heung said that she had DM’d the person who made the video asking him to delete it after explaining that there’s simply no truth to the rumor that she threw coffee at Rosamund and even slapped her. She had also issued lawyer’s letters to those spreading rumors. Finally, Tiffany who’s always been quite vocal said, “You should stop slandering me and my husband’s relationship with Rosamund Kwan. There is no such thing…” She said that the rumor almost ruined her 38-year friendship with Rosamund but fortunately, their friendship is a big ship, not a paper boat that can easily capsize.

Photo: 向太陈岚 / Douyin

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